Variety leaves Team Dignitas SMITE

With Variety leaving the lineup, our SMITE team will begin solo lane tryouts immediately to prepare for Season 3.


Following the SMITE World Championship, as we all know, the so-called SMITE Rosterpocalypse doesn't spare anyone! Our European SMITE team is no different as we say goodbye to Harry 'Variety' Cumming. He decided he wanted to play with a new forming lineup moving into Season 3 of the SPL.

We wish Harry the best of luck and we'll be eager (no pun intended) to follow his career, as we thoroughly enjoyed our time working with him in Team Dignitas. His contract with us runs out at the end of the month, so expect to hear news from him from February onwards.

The Team Dignitas SMITE team is now looking for a solo lane replacement. We will be starting tryouts immediately, any high level player interested can get in contact with us by PMing Barn or Shadownightmare, or emailing meph[at]

Variety leaves Team Dignitas SMITE
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