Team Dignitas signs Mene and Wubby

Our Heroes of the Storm team has finalized its roster in preparation for the EU Spring Regionals in early March.


With the recent transfer of scHwimpi and Athero to Fnatic, the Team Dignitas Heroes of the Storm lineup was incomplete with the Spring Regionals Katowice approaching. After going through many iterations to find the perfect fit, we are finally ready to announce what our roster will look like going into 2016.

Signing for Team Dignitas are Thomas 'Mene' Cailleux and Jonathan 'Wubby' Gunnarsson. Both are former Fnatic players themselves and have lots of experience competing at the highest level. Mene will join Snitch playing mainly assassins while Wubby takes over the flex role as well as the primary shotcalling in-game.

Team Dignitas Heroes:

 James 'Bakery' Baker
 Jérôme 'JayPL' Trinh
 Thomas 'Mene' Cailleux
 Josh 'Snitch' Bennett
 Jonathan 'Wubby' Gunnarsson

Mene and Wubby join Team Dignitas

DIG Bakery, Heroes team-captain:

"After we lost Schwimpi and Athero, we were left with what was, in most ways, a blank canvas. This allowed me to try again at building a top team, and this time I was able to utilise all that I've learned, especially over the past few months, to work hard on building a team with great communication, synergy, and complimentary playstyles. The end result is this, a team that I truly believe has a great shot at not only making it to Seoul, but performing there. As always, huge thanks to our fans for sticking with us, and we all hope to make you proud at the European Championship in Katowice!"

Please join us in welcoming our new Heroes of the Storm players! Our team will fly to Katowice, Poland, in March to attend the European Spring Regionals.

Team Dignitas signs Mene and Wubby
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